DID-based Organizations/ DAOs

Empowering DAOs, Interest Groups, school clubs, Non-profits, and professional associations with robust collaboration and governance tools to fulfill their missions.

Organization amplifies individual power

Individual power has its limits, but collective strength is boundless. Effective collaboration is a fundamental trait of intelligent beings. Despite our interconnected world and advancing technology, collaboration still faces challenges. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are innovative and hold profound potential. They reshape governance, positively impacting economics, society, and technology. Exploring DAO potential is essential for global-scale collaboration.

How d.id can benefit Organizations

Direct Member Authentification

Assigning each member a unique DID with a common suffix as their organizational membership credential. For example, for the Red Cross: tim.icrc, amy.icrc. Regardless of the occasion, displaying this DID signifies one's identity. This makes it easier for organizations to identify their members and for members to recognize each other.

Enhancing Member Identity and Group Affiliation

By using the member's name as a prefix and the organization's brand name as a suffix in the DID, members consistently feel their close connection to the organization. DID also refines member identities, ensuring that they always sense their inclusion as part of a larger family.

Permanent Recording of Member Contributions

Through SoulFrag, member contributions can be permanently linked to their DID in the form of SBT (Soul-bound Tokens). For example, translating a certain amount of materials, organizing specific events, publishing numerous articles, completing mandatory courses, and more.Members can easily showcase these contributions and achievements through their d.id Profiles.

More Effective Governance Model

Voty introduces a DID-based governance model where only organization members (those with a DID) can propose and vote on initiatives. Voting weight considers factors like position, tenure, and contributions (awarded as SBTs via SoulFrag).

Voty also allows organizations to divide into distinct working groups for specialized decision-making.

Fostering Creative Expression

Voty offers a Topic Grant mechanism where all members can propose ideas within a specific theme, and the best proposal is selected through member voting. This mechanism effectively sparks creativity among organization members, allowing innovative ideas to emerge. Check out an example here.

Online & Offline Integration

DID serves as the members' online identity, while the DID Card represents their offline identity. A DID Card equipped with NFC functionality can serve as a credential for members to participate in events, facilitate quick connections with others at event venues, and be used for collecting attendance records for various activities.


The operation of any organization often requires essential funding. Accepting donations is a common method of fundraising. Organizations can set different amounts for DIDs with varying character lengths. Donors contribute the corresponding amount and can select a corresponding DID as their donation credential. This credential serves as an acknowledgment and a symbol of honor for the donor.

Our Unique Advantage

Platform-Independent Relationships

In our solution, the relationship between organizations and individuals is directly embedded in their names. This connection is independent of any platform and stored on the blockchain, freeing the organizational relationships from the constraints of centralized platforms.

Barrier-Free Web3 Principle

Although our solution is built on top of blockchain technology, it benefits from our commitment to the principles of Barrier-free Web3. Using our solution does not require organizations and their members to have any knowledge of blockchain.

Suitable for All Types and Sizes of Organizations

DIDs, composed of members' and organizations' names, offer universal identification for organizations, regardless of their scale or type.

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