DID-based Brand Membership System

Elevating brand influence through enhancing member experience and loyalty.

The Importance of Membership Systems

Whether it's a club or a business entity, regardless of its scale, a membership system holds paramount value as a fundamental asset. In a future full of opportunities, these systems need to evolve with the times. d.id offers a brand-new DID-based solution to help them stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.

How d.id enhances Membership Systems

Through the d.id solution, brands can establish a transparent yet privacy-preserving membership system. This openness in the membership system not only retains users for the brand but also enhances its brand influence.

Redefining Membership Identity

DIDs with brand-related suffixes provide a new, transparent, and privacy-preserving way to define membership identity. This simplifies recognition between brands, members, and even third-party entities.

Seamless Cross-Brand Collaboration

In a future with transparent membership systems, nearby stores can directly offer discounts to Marriott Hotel members, restaurants can announce discounts for Marriott members, and members only need to display their Marriott DID membership identity. These brands do not require complex partnership agreements with Marriott to provide benefits to Marriott's members.

In the past, the benefits members received depended solely on the efforts of Marriott's business team. Brands continuing with this approach will gradually lose competitiveness.

More Benefits, Greater Loyalty

With a DID-based transparent membership system, frictionless brand collaborations become possible. Members gain benefits not only from negotiated deals with businesses but also from proactive collaborations. This elevates the value of membership, boosts loyalty among members, and continually strengthens the brand's influence.

Online & Offline Integration

DID represents the members' online identity, while the DID Card serves as their physical offline identity. A DID Card with NFC capabilities acts as the credential for members to access offline benefits and check-ins. The badges collected by members through offline check-ins are permanently recorded in their DID identity.

Showcasing Social Capital

DID-based membership identities are openly transparent, allowing other businesses to access this information to offer benefits to members. Additionally, this information can be easily shared between users through d.id Profiles. Higher-tier membership status becomes a form of social capital for members, something they willingly share with friends on suitable occasions. This highlights their membership identity and inadvertently promotes the brand.

Fostering Engagement and Community Branding

Which businesses offered the most valuable benefits over the past year? With whom should we collaborate most in the upcoming year? These decisions shouldn't be made by the brand alone. By initiating votes on Voty, we empower all members to collectively decide. This boosts member engagement and bridges the gap between the brand and its members.

Our Unique Advantage

Revolutionizing Brand Collaboration

The DID-based membership system breaks the previous fragmented and inefficient collaboration patterns among brand memberships. Seamless collaboration is the new mode of cooperation among brands in the future. This enables brands to extend member benefits beyond their own capabilities.

Barrier-Free Web3 Principle

Although our solution is built on top of blockchain technology, it benefits from our commitment to the principles of Barrier-free Web3. Using our solution does not require brands and their members to have any knowledge of blockchain.

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