Voice of Your Community

Voty is the first DID-based governance system aiming to offer a fair and simple governance experience for communities of all types.

DID-based governance,
the next-gen paradigm.

Transparent, fair and flexible.

No need of tokenomics
Multi-factor voting power
Hard for Bribery
Influence belongs to the contributors
Next Generation Governance Paradigm
Token-Based Governance
DID-Based Governance

based on identity, reputation,
or token quantity
WorkGroup lets professionals make professional decisions

In Voty, communities are organized into WorkGroups, each with unique goals, voting rules, assigned proposal creators, and eligible voters, all determined by the managers.

Tech decision
Tech WorkGroup
Marketing decision
Marketing WorkGroup
Financial decision
Financial WorkGroup
Multiple proposal mechanisms inspire community creativity
General Proposals
Members of the WorkGroup take the initiative to propose ideas, and fellow group members participate in voting to determine their approval.
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Topic Grants
This approach is ideal for quickly soliciting ideas from the community and promoting active engagement among its members.
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Voty supports
mainstream DID systems

Voty is a public resource, allowing any community that adopts .bit's Top-level DID or ENS's Subname as its membership identifier to effortlessly and transparently use the platform.

A barrier-free Web3 Experience

Voty is user-friendly, accessible to everyone, whether or not you're familiar with Web3. Just use the biometric features on your device to interact with Voty.




Start listening to your
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