Instantly create your brand's DID with a single click.

Second-level DID
Member's Name
Top-level DID
Brand's Name

Everything you need,
in just two steps.

Step 1

a .bit to Top-level DID with a single click

Step 2

Distribute Second-level DID
to your fellows in 3 ways.

Mint directly to members

Members can mint at a price set by you

Members can mint with a coupon issued by you

Your DID has powerful capabilities

Unified DID in various scenarios
Next-Paradigm Community Management
Unlimited Second-level DID

You can issue unlimited number of Second-level DIDs with multiple characters, including letters, numbers, emojis and more.

Elegant Profile
Low cost

Only $0.99 per year for each Second-level DID.

Everything is in your hands

Pricing strategy, DID whitelists & blacklists, its all depends on you.

Safer assets transfer
Barrier-free Web3 experience




Fan communities,
Gaming communities,
Brand Memberships
and more

"DID as a Service" empowers all kinds of brands in various ways.

Creating greater income opportunities
Fostering a sense of belonging and pride among members
Boosting community vitality
Permanently recording members' contributions and achievements
Enhancing brand influence
Revolutionizing marketing approaches

Transform your brand with robust tool sets manages your DID in an easy and effective way.

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